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Mircosoft .NET Framework

You will need Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP 1 to install and use Cuttermaran.
This framework supports all OS-Versions from Windows 98 to Windows 7 (and x64)

Please download from this Microsoft site.

Cuttermaran versions

1.709/22/20091442 kB klick!
1.69a12/17/20071247 kB klick!
1.6912/1/20071185 kB klick!
1.68a12/19/20061045 kB klick!
1.6812/1/20061045 kB klick!
1.676/5/20061013 kB klick!
1.6612/8/20051050 kB klick!
1.657/16/2005924 kB klick!
1.647/3/2005922 kB klick!
1.632/26/2005916 kB klick!
1.6212/6/2004847 kB klick!
1.6111/5/2004838 kB klick!
1.609/7/2004818 kB klick!
1.597/30/2004816 kB klick!
1.587/20/2004812 kB klick!
AC3 Hotfix Version 1.575/23/200417 kB klick!
1.575/17/2004645 kB klick!
1.564/16/2004473 kB klick!
1.553/9/2004318 kB klick!
1.542/16/2004316 kB klick!
1.531/30/2004313 kB klick!

Cuttermaran provider

For muxing and encoding Cuttermaran supports provider. There are a few providers not written by me. This providers works very well:


  • CuttyEnc
    This provider uses the open source mpeg2enc encoder, taken from DVDAuthor paket!

    Download (all-in-one-paket WITH mpeg2enc provided by HighPaqNet
    Developer homepage: JMS

  • HCEnc Provider 1.0.6
    This provider supports Hanks Freeware Encoder HCEnc. It was written by Rumbah2.

    Download (Provider WITHOUT HC-Encoder)
    Download from Sourceforge
    Download HC-Encoders.
    Forum thread


  • ImagoMPG-Muxer Provider 1.2
    This provider uses the freeware ImagoMPG-Muxer.
    The developer has closed support and homepage :-(.

    Download (Provider WITH ImagoMPG-Muxer)


Karlheinz Kutscher has written a batch application for Cuttermaran. Now you can cut a set of Cuttermaran project files at one click.

You can download this program here:

CMBatch 1.1.0 233 KB

Karlheinz Kutschers support mail adress: